REVIEW: Green Gates Indian Restaurant

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The Green Gates Indian Restaurant is ideally situated in the centre of Stirling Town. Located at the bottom of Queen Street it is a perfect spot for students, as it is a five to ten minute walk from the town centre, a five minute walk from Tescos and sits beside a bus stop which means getting there is really easy.

The atmosphere within the restaurant is incredibly refreshing, as the ambiance is calm, classy and welcoming. The traditional, ‘loud,’ or, ‘intense,’ style known to many Indian restaurants has been left behind by the Green Gates, who have chosen instead to decorate the interior in a warm and subtle green, with gentile and minimal furnishings-just perfect if you’ve had a long day and just want to wind down and relax.

The Menu offers a wide range of choices. When talking to the manager he explained that the Green Gates wanted to get away from other traditional British Indian restaurants, as they can often be predictable and somewhat unimaginative in their dishes.  He said that the Green Gates prefers a smaller and more select range which provides diversity, but creative quality; allowing greater time to be spent on perfecting the dish and acquiring fresh food products. He also noted that they have a specials menu which changes regularly and gives the customers something new to come back for, and to meet the needs and expectations of a wide clientele.

In addition to the menu being broad, the quality and the quantity of the meal was equally as pleasing. The prices may have seemed high at a first glance, but when the food arrived it came in abundance, and the presentation as well as quality were of high standard.

And lastly, the service was very welcoming and friendly. The manager as well as the rest of the waiting staff were genuinely interested in the customers and chatted with ease. Often when going to a restaurant, one can feel like you are just another customer, but at the Green Gates the waiting team seemed enthusiastic to be there dedicated to customer attention.

Overall, the Green Gates is a great central restaurant to have a unique and high quality Indian meal. And for students, you can expect an excellent return for your money in a lively but relaxing environment.

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