Accommodation applications halted until further notice

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University of Stirling


Comment from a University spokesperson below regarding the online accommodation application system:
“The online accommodation application system experienced technical problems this morning (Monday 23 March). Staff are continuing to work with the external software provider to resolve the problem as a matter of urgency.
Students will not be disadvantaged by the downtime and a range of accommodation is still available in all properties. Students will be given two hours’ notice of the system reopening to allow time to access the Portal and submit applications.”

Online applications for 2015/2016 accommodation were suspended this morning due to “technical difficulties”.

The online accommodation system opened at 9am this morning but was soon overwhelmed by the amount of students requiring accommodation for next year.

Hundreds of students have now been left in the dark about their applications, with many fearing that they may not get the accommodation they want, especially after more price increases on uni accommodation this year.

Accommodation services apologised for the error. “We regret to advise that due to technical difficulties, online applications for returning students applying for accommodation for 2015/16 are currently unavailable. Staff are working to resolve the issue as a matter of urgency.

Students will be notified by email when applications reopen.”

Management student Helene said “I was in the Willow Court Reception area with other students. The accommodation services just said that because everyone was applying at once, we would have to keep trying until it finally worked. There were also 2 Canadian students on an exchange programme, who missed their priority deadline and were struggling to apply for accommodation.”

First year student Jack Wilson voiced his concerns about the university accommodation. In an open letter to the university, he condemned residential services for their lack of clear organisation. “I have been trying to access the page to apply for the accommodation for nearly three hours. After three hours of trying the link to applying for the accommodation has disappeared and I can now no longer access the page.”

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First year animal biology student Kelsey Kiernan got through to IT services only to be told that no applications have been accepted since 10am this morning.

“Just off the phone for the 4th time from IT, they told me the links been taken down because they have to contact the person who designed the page and get a code off of them to make it work. Emails will be going round now, and they’ll email us again when we can apply. No applications have been through since 10! ”

Vice President Communities Lauren Marriott also commented on the situation.

“I’m currently in the process of collating all the feedback I’ve received through emails and social media which I will then take to accommodations services. We take student complaints very seriously so that this matter can be resolved and doesn’t happen again. Accommodation is an important part of student life and the unnecessary stress caused today shows that improvements to the services need to be made.”

Brig has reached out to the University for further comment on the issue, and we will update you as soon as we can.

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