Clothes to brighten up your Sprimmer

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Are you looking for some colour to brighten up your spring and summer months? Let’s call it getting ready for Sprimmer (Spring and Summer).

Well Brig is here to tell you about some great buys you can get from Quiz Clothing, online or in the Thistle Centre branch in Stirling. All of the item information and pictures are from the Quiz Clothing website.

This skater dress will be eye catching as you walk down the high street this Sprimmer.

print skater dress

Orange Marcella Flower Print Skater Dress

£26.99 £19.99

These shorts scream urban jungle, but they’re a fun addition to any wardrobe this Sprimmer, especially if you’re off on an exotic holiday.

exotic shorts

Black And Orange Floral High Waisted Shorts


Blue is associated with winter, but this bright blazer can add a bit of subtle vibrancy to any outfit.

blue blazer

Royal Blue 3/4 Sleeve Blazer


Trousers can keep your legs warm when the unpredictable Sprimmer weather blows, and these could add a bit of casual fun.


Black and White Palazzo Trousers


You can’t go wrong with a plain white dress; it’s classy and gorgeous and you can add accessories to jazz it up for any occasion.

white dress

Cream Cut Embellished Neck Dress


Orange is a great colour that only tends to work in Sprimmer, so why not add a bit of boldness to your outfit with this top.

orange top

Orange Chiffon Leaf Print Double Layer Top


If you want to look girly and stylish when out and about then this navy bow dress, which comes in several other colours, will make you the cutest girl around.

naby dress

Navy Bow Panel Skater Dress


If you’re not a dress or skirt person, jeans will always be there no matter what time of year. So these fitted ripped jeans can go with loads of different tops to make a fetching outfit.


White Knee Rip High Waist Jeans


Playsuits are great because they are comfortable but flirty. This purple Aztec dress is a mix-mash of colours but it’s perfect for funky beachwear this Sprimmer.


Multi Colour Aztec Playsuit


Black is a safe colour and will go with anything. This wrap top is a great bet if you want to show a bit more skin but want to keep your colours calm.

black top

Black Drape Wrap Over Dip Hem Top


These black and white trousers will add a great floral look to your Sprimmer wardrobe.

floral pants

Black Floral Crepe Trousers


Yellow is a great Sprimmer colour and this elegant and fitted peplum top could give some charm to your day or evening outfit.

yellow top

Yellow Crepe Peplum Top


You don’t have to go vivid in Sprimmer to get some colour into your wardrobe. Pastels and pale shades work just as well to liven up the tone. This baby pink wrap top is cute and adds delicate alertness to your outfit.

pink wrap

Pink Wrap Front Long Sleeve Blouse

£24.99 £14.99

This plain, casual black dress could be dressed up with additional shoes and accessories to make it brighten up for any occasion.

black dress

Black Skater Dress


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