Kerri Watt – Garage’s Attic Bar Review

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Kerri Watt played her first ever hometown headline gig as she returned to the Garage’s Attic Bar in Glasgow.

Opening her set with long-time live favourite “Paris”, the power in Watt’s voice was immediately evident. The night was full of people who could sing, but Watt’s ability to project her voice and command the room set her apart from everybody else. It also helps that the song has quite a sing-a-long element to it that got everybody on side from the start.

There was a nice mix of new and old content in her set, including very new song “She Said”, which is a reflective piece written about Watt’s mother.

And there was a chance to hear songs in a new light, as Watt played without a band, switching between her guitar and a keyboard. This meant the arrangements of songs she has released as singles or on EPs had to change. I wouldn’t say the changes were particularly better or worse, but having them all stripped back certainly gave them more intimacy, and placed more focus on the lyrics – especially during “Maybe”.

Watt surprised us all when she sat at the keyboard to cover the Sam Smith hit, “I Know I’m Not The Only One”. It would be easy to be hesitant about hearing a Sam Smith song without his distinctive vocals, but Watt did a good job, and it was a nice change of pace from the rest of the set.

Closing with her newest single “You” – which was the obvious set closer being arguably her most immediate song – Kerri Watt showed a lot of promise. With good pop songs already under her belt, if she keeps getting better it will only be a matter of time before she is playing in front of bigger crowds.

Kerri Watt’s EP “You” is out now.

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