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€1.7 million grant secured for five year project

Over €1.7 million has been granted to the School of Natural Sciences at the University of Stirling for multi-species research into the uniqueness of human culture.

The project will look into how humans differ from other primates when it comes to learning from others, with the aim of tackling key outstanding evolutionary questions.

Psychologist Dr Christine Caldwell secured the €1.78 million of European Research Council funding (£1.28m) for the five-year project, which will involve young children, adult, chimpanzees, capuchins and squirrel monkeys based at Edinburgh Zoo’s research facility taking part in cognitive tasks.

The award was granted as part of a €713 million grant package, made to 372 scientists who wish to pursue their best and most innovative ideas.


Stirling Scientist celebrates NASA exploration

A University of Stirling scientist is celebrating NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover, Opportunity, completing a marathon on Mars.

Dr Christain Schröder is the only Scottish-based scientist involved in the Mars Exploration Rover Mission to explore the surface of the red planet.

Involved in the mission since 2001, Dr Schröder participates in setting new tasks and destinations for Opportunity which analyse the mineralogy and chemistry of the Martian surface.

Among the discoveries Dr Schröder  has contributed to is the discovery of historical evidence of water flowing on the Martian surface.

It took roughly 11 years and two months for Opportunity to drive 26.221 miles, far surpassing the distance it was originally expected to cover.

The Rover was designed to last 90 days and to drive only 600 meters across the surface.

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