Live Music Society suffer from Union’s broken promises

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The Live Music Society has been left without a dedicated room to practice in this year despite the requirement being the first point in their constitution.

Student Heydon Costello was told that he needed to set up a society in order to secure a room to practice in – but since setting up the Live Music Society he has been left disappointed.

Now President, Heydon Costello was told by Vice-President of Communities Lauren Marriott that the university “did not want to pay for the maintenance/insurance of another room for students.”

Lauren Marriott was keen to point out that it is increasingly difficult for groups of students to find dedicated spaces and the lack of room is by no means an attack on the society.

She told Brig: “finding a space for the live music society is something I was really hopeful to achieve this year. The University were very positive and it felt like we were getting somewhere until out of the blue we were told no, which was a major setback.”

She proposed that the plans to redevelop the Student’s Union could provide a solution.

“Having spoken to a few members of the new committee I am keen to create a more positive relationship with the LMS and really take forward their needs to the University to ensure they are met. In addition, we hope that the Envy redevelopment will provide more appropriate space to the LMS to use from September.”

The society was set up in part to have a regular space for groups of musicians to be able to set up bands and practice together.

This lack of space has led to a change in the focus of the society. They have had to move away from supporting larger groups to focusing on soloists, who are already catered for through open mics both at the university and in the local area.

The Live Music Society said finding a room would remain a key focus for them next year – and they are hopeful after securing an official role for this on next year’s committee.

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