Student President Andrew Kinnell on the refugee crisis

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Student Union President Andrew Kinnell has provided Brig News with a statement regarding the UK Government’s response to the ongoing refugee crisis.

“The UK government’s response to the refugee crisis has been shameful. Cameron, instead of helping those in desperate need, has instead insisted on tighter border controls in Calais to prevent the so called ‘swarm’ coming across the channel- this xenophobic rhetoric helps no one. While the government’s response has been disappointing to say the least, the response of many ordinary people has been incredible. All across Europe people have been sending packages to help the refugees, and there have been many displays of solidarity including at football grounds where banners declared that “Refugees are Welcome” . The UK government should heed this message and do much more to assist refugees.”

Andrew Kinnell’s views are his own and are not representative of Stirling University’s Student Union.

Originally published as part of Brig Features’ piece on the refugee crisis from the September 2015 issue.

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