Student Union to participate in free education demonstration

Stirling University’s Student Union has made the decision for Stirling University to be represented at an upcoming ‘Free Education’ demonstration in London.

At September’s Student Union ‘Stir It Up’ event, students voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Student Union joining the demonstration, to be held on the 4th November.

Union President Andrew Kinnell is “delighted” with the decision to pass the motion, as he told Brig News that “education is increasingly being marketised and firmly standing in opposition to this is absolutely vital.

Students make up 13% of the UK population; our voice is a powerful one when we are united in fighting for our rights. Stirling will proudly join students from all over the UK in demanding that education should be free for all.”

The demonstration has been organised by The National Campaign Against Fees And Cuts and aims to promote free education and living grants for all.

Promoting the march on their website, the NCAFC states that “[they] want liberated, democratic universities where knowledge is exchanged with each other and not for profit.”

The demonstration also condemns the UK government’s decision to deport international students upon completion of their studies.

More information on the demonstration can be found at The National Campaign Against Fees And Cuts’ website.

To follow the demonstration on social media, the hashtag is #GrantsNotDebt.

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