Union by-elections suffer from low voter turnout

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Voter turnout in this week’s Student Union by-elections was a mere 2% of University of Stirling students.

With just one person running per position, mass disinterest for the elections was shared by both student voters and potential candidates.

Seven officer positions were available, however only one candidate ran for each position. (Voters who did not wish to vote for that candidate could vote to re-open nominations or abstain from voting.)

Stirling University has a population of 13 500 students, all of whom were eligible to vote in the elections – yet no position received more than 250 votes.

Sports Union Communication Officer was the most popular position amongst voters, with the highest voter turnout of the election. Liam Holmes won the position with 184 votes, whilst 30 wished to re-open nominations and 7 chose to abstain.

Lowest voter turnout goes to the position of Postgraduate Officer which was won by Aiden Miller, who received 19 votes of a possible 21.

The rest of the results are as follows:

Fraser Macdonald was elected Sports Union Participation & Engagement Officer with 116 votes, with 44 votes to re-open nominations and 6 votes to abstain. Macdonald received the largest number of votes to re-open nominations.

Kieran Daly has been elected Media Officer with 185 votes of a possible 215. 26 voters wished to return nominations, while 5 voted to abstain.

Florence Breidstadt was elected Engagement Officer with 181 of a possible 215 votes.

Andrew Steen is the new Student Trustee, receiving 170 votes.

Searlas Mac has been elected as an NUS Delegate with 181 votes.

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