Student Book Reviews: Death on the Nile

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In September, Brig launched its own book club, and the first book of the series went to Agatha Christie’s, Death on the Nile, published in 1937.

So here is what students at Stirling University thought of the book.

Debbie Ross

Debbie is a third year student from Glasgow and is studying English and Philosophy.

I am a big fan of Agatha Christie, so I was so excited that this was put down as the first book of the club. I hadn’t read this book before and I loved it! It was very clever and so sly. The characters were a laugh and as always, everyone is really suspicious and colourful that you don’t know which way to look and who to trust. I was completely thrown with the ending, I never saw it coming. It was really sneaky. Per usual, the fab character of Poirot came out and made me smile from page to page. He really is the best literary detective.

James Absworth

James is a 4th year student from Montrose and is studying French.

I have always loved reading, and I think in 4th year it is especially helpful to have some casual reading material lying around to help take your mind off all the stress of deadlines. This really was the perfect book to read at this time of year; it was so lively. The Egyptian setting, the mad characters and the sassy 1930s era just made it really vibrant and warm. I have read some Poirot before, but never his one, but I can see why it is a classic. It really was a good story and I definitely didn’t work out, “who dun it!”

Cassey Dunch

Casey is a Masters student from Lewis and is studying Advertising.

You can’t get better than a good Poirot and Hastings combo. Witty  and intelligent to a tea and such a sophisticated reminder of British attitudes and ideals from the 1930s. I really liked the mixed characters; they were crazy, but yet, I cannot help but feel they were true of  the type of people who would be floating down the Nile at that time. If you haven’t read it then I wont tell you what happens, but really should as its a literary gem. There really is a reason why Agatha is the Queen of Crime. Long may she reign.

Leon Fischer

Leon is a 2nd year student from Munich and is studying Maths.

As a German student, I really wanted to read more English books to help me with my language development. The book club that Brig has is really good for students because I don’t need to go to any groups and I don’t need to finish the book by a set date. I can read it when I want. My Mum likes Christie, and I thought I would try it and I thought this one was excellent. It was easy to read. The language is natural and not ostentatious, it flows really well and is really easy to get into. The main character was quirky and I can’t wait to watch the David Suchet film adaptation.


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