2015 TV Series to watch this Christmas Holidays

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As most of you are probably already counting down the days, you will surely already know it is almost the Christmas break. Whether you have exams or dissertation work this December or are hibernating to recharge those batteries, it is always helpful to have a good TV series to keep you entertained through the holidays.

So Brig is here to suggest some old and new series to meet all your TV tastes and to find the right one for you this Christmas.

If you want some comic, chick flick like horror, (a lot of genres in there), then why not try the new 2015 series, Scream Queens. The series opens twenty years after Wallace University was affected by a mysterious death. But now in 2015, another murder takes place – and chaos takes control. As the investigation develops, casualties start to pile up and anyone could be the next victim, or indeed, the murderer. Full of comedy, drama and ridiculous crime, this series has it all. With a well-known cast, including Emma Roberts it’s the best series to watch this Christmas if you want some well-manicured girly entertainment.

However, if you want something a bit more serious and edgy then why not try 2015’s, Empire. The series follows the hip-hop artist and CEO of a successful entertainment company, Luscious Lyon, who has always dictated his music kingdom. But when Lyon’s health is compromised, his enemies move in to attack. Without hurting his fragile family, Lyon must decide which of his three sons will take over his empire, but with three very different men contesting, the decision is hard. This series has been praised for its excellent writing and is the one to watch if you want witness intense urban conflict and all the blackmail, betrayal and revenge that goes along with it.

Then again if you like vampires and all that jazz, then why not try, Zombie, this Christmas? The series begins when the highly successful medical resident, Liv Moore, attends a party that turns into something much darker and she ends up as a zombie. Determined to pass as a human despite all her obvious zombie characteristics, Liv forms a plan to resist her new state and takes a job that ends up being more gruesome than she planned as she eats the brains of corpses at a coroner’s office. But Liv soon realises that she can absorb the memories of those she feeds on, and decides to pose as a psychic who works with a detective to help solve murders. This series has been deemed as darkly hilarious and thought-provoking and a new take on the zombie horror theme. It is the one to watch if you like mixing genres and experimental TV.

Last but not least, if sci-fi if your style, then 12 Monkeys may be the series for you. The series is about a man called Cole from the post-apocalyptic future, who uses a dangerous and uncertain mode of time travel to get from 2043 to the present day. Cole is determined to find and rid the world of the plague that will one day obliterate the human race. This series is the one to watch if you want some sci-fi and time travel with a generous helping of drama, action and romance thrown into the mix.

So here you have a diverse selection of 2015 series to choose from and to help you get through the stressful days or lazy ways of the Christmas break.

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