Trial and Error: the life of a student athlete. Part 1

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Debbie Falconer

Year of Study; 4th

Sport; Rugby

Committee Position; President

Years of Experience; 2

One of the most challenging and disruptive aspects of being a student athlete are the injuries. For Debbie Falconer and the rugby ladies this is a risk they’ve learned to embrace. In a sport which has gained large scale media scrutiny for its high rate of concussions, the BBC noted that the risk was particularly high at adult amateur level where less attention is traditionally given for the more subtle signs of injury.

However, the role which rugby plays in Debbie’s life are clear to see. Since taking up rugby two years ago Debbie has also committed to playing Premiership club rugby with Stirling County, and this year received her first call up for Scotland national training.

However, with the added pressure has come reward. Besides the individual achievements the University side has now moulded into a more effective unit. Last season saw the team finish third in their BUCs league, an all-time high. Now that they have an official coach on board the team is aiming for a top finish this year. For Debbie the unprecedented opportunity for glory on so many levels makes the sacrifice worthwhile.




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