Trial and Error: the life of a student athlete. Part 2

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Heather Renwick

Year of Study; 4th

Sport; Netball

Committee Position; President

Years of Experience; 10

Being on committee brings pressure for any student athlete. But for the president of netball, Heather Renwick there is the added pressure of managing a group of athletes who stood out as one of Stirling’s strongest last year. After years without silverware the Netball 1st won the BUCs Conference Cup last season. They also featured heavily in the Sports Ball honours with Laura Watson and Caitlin McEachran picking up the two non-scholar awards.

Many of the more casual student athletes find that the demands of the final year brings around a shift in their priorities. As deadlines pile up and career development takes over the rest of the time, the team inevitably gets shelved. However, Heather has stated that “My life I mostly planned around netball”, and that without the comradery of the team she couldn’t cope with the increased stress of academic work. With the time demands that come with this commitment (8 hours a week in official training, and gym, sessions-plus the added demands of two games per week) the grasp of time management is paramount. However, Heather has found that the time constraints actually provide greater focus and efficiency in the organisation and completion of work.

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