Trial and Error: the life of a student athlete. Part 3

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Craig Thompson

Year of Study; 2nd

Sport; Men’s Lacrosse

Committee Position; Captain

Years of Experience; 3

The Native American sport of lacrosse is relatively new to Scotland. The men’s national team only began competing internationally in the 1990s. The latest world championships in 2014 contained numerous Stirling University alumni, so filling the gap is inevitably daunting.

Current captain Craig Thompson not only has to grapple with the demands of improving his own game, but taking an effective coach role for a team without an official coach. The difference in structure between the larger and smaller clubs at University level is substantial. For the smaller clubs, such as lacrosse, the lower funding from membership fees and sponsorship mean that the club alone cannot cover the costs of equipment and travel-which are substantial.

The team has taken the loss of key players hard. However, Craig himself commits over 10 hours a week to lacrosse while advancing his studies and holding down a job to pay for his continued education. However, with the low key setup of Scottish lacrosse hard work can pay off for a club like Stirling. Craig has his sights set on several major goals. Firstly, achieving improved results against their closest rivals in mid table; Aberdeen and Strathclyde. Secondly, making an impression at the upcoming trials for the Scottish national side for the Under-19 World Championships in 2016.


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