Former Falkirk footballer fined for egging Geddes kitchen last year

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Former Falkirk FC under 20s midfielder Connor Hogg admitted to throwing eggs, washing up liquid and more across a Geddes Court kitchen last semester.

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Hogg pleaded guilty to committing a breach of the peace and was ordered to pay a £300 fine for making the mess and entering a female student’s room uninvited on March 29.

The now unemployed 18 year old had been out at a Stirling club and planned to meet with a girl at the university halls. Instead he spent the night in one of the kitchens with friend, 18 year old labourer Andrew Finnegan.

Both men opened student Eilidh MacKenzie’s door early the next morning in attempt to find the girl Hogg planned to meet the night before.

Miss Mackenzie alerted security after she was woken up by her door opening.

Karen Wilson, prosecuting, said: “She saw the accused Hogg standing and looking at her, before leaving. A minute later the door opened again and she saw Finnegan looking at her, and thereafter leaving.

“She heard a noise from the kitchen area, and went to see what was going on.

“She went to the kitchen, she spoke to the accused, who said they’d slept there, and had been looking for someone.”

“The two accused were advised it was a private kitchen, and they shouldn’t be there.”

Miss Mackenzie saw “eggs on the wall, washing-up liquid on a door, and melted ice-cream with a washing-up brush in a bowl”.

Along with another girl, she returned to the kitchen with a porter – but Hogg and Finnegan were both gone.

They were both arrested after being spotted on the atrium CCTV.

Hogg said: “I put a doll’s head in an ice-cream carton and threw an egg at the wall.”

18 year old labourer Finnegan said: “I hold my hands up to the eggs.”

Hogg and Finnegan were fined £300 each. Hogg was allowed to pay at £10 a week, while Finnegan, who is working, will have to clear his fine at £20 a week.

Defence solicitor Frazer McCready, for Hogg, told the court:

“As I understand it, he and his co-accused had visited a nightclub in Stirling, and went back to the halls of residence to see if they could meet up with someone.

That’s why they were there, and it would appear that, while intoxicated, Mr Hogg carried out this kind of behaviour, for which he has apologised.

“His remorse is genuine, he is embarrassed about his behaviour, he has had some adverse publicity, and he will never be seen before the court again.

“He is not working at the present time.”

Sheriff William Gilchrist told the accused, both first offenders: “This was irresponsible, idiotic behaviour, which was fuelled by the fact that you were intoxicated.

“The most serious aspect is that you will have caused distress to the student whose door you opened.”

Geddes Court

Geddes Court was knocked down in July as part of the university’s redevelopment of student accommodation project.

Geddes was built in 1973 as one of Stirling’s original halls of residence.

Hogg no longer plays for Falkirk.

by Jennifer Hale

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