Blaikie was sentenced to two years imprisonment. Photo: Newsline Media.

Former Stirling student jailed for safari park stabbing

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Blaikie was sentenced to two years imprisonment. Photo: Newsline Media.

Former University of Stirling student Christopher Blaikie has been jailed for two years after stabbing fellow student Claire Mazzucchi in the neck at Blair Drummond Safari Park.

Blaikie, 24, was jailed for the attack which took place March 2015.

Blaikie and Mazzucchi had been living in the same flat, but was said to have left because she felt uneasy.

The two psychology students had been visiting the Park to study the behaviour of animals. The Court heard Blaikie stabbed his classmate once in the left-side of her neck during the lunch break.

Judge Lord Turnbull had described the case as “difficult”.

Mazzucchi was admitted to hospital after the attempted murder, and underwent surgery for what the Court heard was a life-threatening injury.

Defence lawyer Lorenzo Alonzi said: “We have a man who has no previous record and who was under considerable stress at that time and who had even identified that he was in a stressful condition and had attempted to get help.

“Regrettably, the help that he did get didn’t quite reach the mark.”

The High Court in Aberdeen saw Blaikie jailed for two years, with Lord Turnbull ordering him to undergo a supervised release process after his term in prison.


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