Desserts in Studio

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Do you not just get to that point at the end of your night when you just fancy a bloody massive wedge of cake.

This is me most of the time.

But a massive wedge of cake isn’t easily available, especially on a campus like Stirling University’s.

Also if you’re a first year, you don’t just pass a Tesco on your way home, being able to casually pick up a cake from their in-store bakery.

Us first years are limited to Nisa, and despite the great help they are to my student life on a weekly basis; I must say their cake wedge stocks are very much lacking.

All they really have is the ready to go cake mixes.

To be fair all you need to do is add some simple ingredients, stir and bake.

But when you’re as drunk as I usually am leaving the union, following these simple steps seems like a mammoth undertaking when all you want to do in crawl into bed and netflix the shit out of your laptop.
I ask this question, how convenient would it be to just walk to the bar and be handed a nice big slice of carrot cake, or of course any cake of your choosing.

I’m not asking for like world class patisserie or anything of incredible quality, just maybe two or three options of bought-in cake, maybe a sundae opinion or two and a basic cheesecake.


Obviously I don’t want any of our hard working Studio kitchen staff to end up having more to do.

Just some simple stuff  that just needs to be popped on a plate, sprinkled with icing sugar and have a scoop of ice cream popped on next to it, and HEY PRESTO.

There seems to be no real downfall.

It would sober people up, therefore preventing people falling in the lake.

People would stick around later at the union so profits would go up.

And more generally people would just be happier because cake just kinda does that to people.

Please join my cause and make deserts a thing in Stirling’s Union.

For me. For you. For massive wedges of cake.

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