Rent prices rocket in Stirling area

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New accommodation in Stirling.

Rent prices in the Stirling area have increased by over three per-cent in some areas in the last decade, according to figures.

The data, published on BuzzFeed News, shows the cost of renting a room in the FK9 postcode area has increased by 2.6% since 2008, bringing the cost from £306 to £362 per month.

Those in the FK8 area have seen a smaller rise of 2.3% since 2007, and those in the FK7 area have experience a 3.7% spike.

The rocketing prices are indicative of the overall housing and renting market, with the national average rent for a room increasing from just over £400 in 2007 to over £600 in 2015.

Figures published by the Office of National Statistics show private renting prices in Scotland have risen by 7.4% between January 2011 and January 2016.

Third year Scott Bartels, a History undergraduate who has rented in Stirling, said: “Well I was paying roughly £400 a month for my room, and – dont get me wrong – it was a big room, but when you think between four people we were collectively paying about £1600 a month in rent.

“The flat itself was dated, and not in the condition you can find in a two bedroom flat at £750 a month. I would say the rent you pay individually it is not terrible due to the savings against student halls.

“However, when you put it into the perspective of the collective rent the price is not justified.”

Many students have expressed anger that they feel landlord’s take for granted that students will pay the higher cost.

Third year Film and Media/Journalism student Amy Pollock said: “Year on year I have experienced rent prices getting drastically higher between letting agencies and private landlords.

“It’s because of the new expensive university builds; they feel like they’re obliged to increase rent, even though the standards aren’t the same.”

The news comes just days after a protest on Stirling’s campus over the cost of living in halls.

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