Marriott backs Alex Frost for President

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The outgoing VP communities, Lauren Marriott, has intervened dramatically in this year’s Union elections, endorsing Alex Frost for Union President, following a lively Alternative Hustings in the Union last night.


In a statement on Facebook, Marriott said that “as a sabbatical officer there is nothing in the election guidelines against me backing a candidate.” She added:

“Tonight I listened to the candidates for Union President. I feel that there is only one clear choice for me. Someone that genuinely has students interests at heart. Union President is not about political interest. It’s about representing those that matter most. I think  Alex Frost will do that. He has been involved with the Union in so many ways and he truly believes in the importance of going out and speaking to students.

“I’ll be voting for Alex first thing Monday morning and I urge you all to do the same.”

The Alternative Hustings saw Frost face questions alongside his fellow candidates Dave Keenan and Craig Forsyth.

Lauren Marriott, alongside Heather Morton from Polsoc, moderated the event in Venue.

Speaking to Brig, Marriott called Frost “the best choice”, citing his experience as an Accommodation Liaison Student (ALS), which she said “really struck a chord” with her.

Accommodation Liaison Students provide frontline welfare support and information to students in University accommodation. During Hustings, Frost spoke of occasions where as an ALS he had to deal with suicide attempts and other mental health issues from students living in University residences, and the inadequate support he felt he received in the role.

Marriott said of Frost:

“He’s been involved with the Union as a Club president and a member of the Union Finance and Resource Committee. He is a candidate without a political agenda or persuasion. He is truly passionate about making a difference…

“ALS’s make a massive difference to the student experience, they interact with students daily and it’s important that they are well supported. Alex has made the most of his time at University and I see him interacting well with students and communicating concerns diplomatically to senior management at the University.”

Marriott and Frost at last year’s Clubs and Socs Ball    Photo:
 Frost welcomed the VP Communities’ endorsement, saying:
I am incredibly happy and grateful to have received endorsement from Lauren Marriott. It gives me a great boost in confidence as to running in this election. My fellow candidates have done an exceptional job in these past weeks, and I wish them all the best for the coming days.”

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