Blue is the colour of Winter

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Blue is the Colour of Winter is a poem by a Stirling University student who wishes to remain anonymous.





forest leaves,

smite this pain,

as Helios breathes warmly on my neck,

the moist caress of the climaxing summer warmth,

sends me into soft ecstasy,


but as shadows play

and waltz across the land,

a winter chill intrudes,

a sullen dark blue shade

stretches autumnal across my hands

and the ether alike,


and that same blue,

like an infection spreading,

creeps into my mind,

into the very recesses of my mind,

and summers warmth absconds,

leaving me huddled in on my self,

facing the cold,


clinging to days gone by for warmth,

but whose embers once fresh and vibrant,

have long died down to shallow wisps,

leaving me no reprieve from the cold,

from this winter that will surely long endure

and welcome,

long outstay.

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