Spring Begins

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Spring Begins is a poem by a Stirling University student who wishes to remain anonymous.



One look was all it took.

One moment,

The catalyst that began the chemical reactions,

Which spawned the question “what if?”

In the back of his mind.

Connected only by a tenuous link;

Their souls bared openly to one another.

A moment’s distraction and all would be lost.

A blossoming of endearment on her cheeks

Like the flowers all around,

Cautiously beginning to bloom after the winter’s chill.

A brightening of their eyes,

Like the fervently approaching radiance of summer.

An instinctive, demure smile

Quietly complements her enigmatic charm;

Reciprocation is inherently inevitable.

Synchronising rhythms mark the prelude

To the imminently approaching perigee.

One less step is all it would take

For their worlds to collide

In a cacophony of boundless possibilities.

The ardently awaited cadence is lost.

The dull thuds echo hollowly in their chests,

Tempering their expectant heartbeats.

Dispirited, they continue on.

Until, a spark occurs;

Synapses fire.

With regained senses,

He reasons.

With trepidation,

He decides.

With determination,

He turns.

Spring begins.




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