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Dance Review – Breathe @ The Macrobert

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(Errol White and Davina Gavin)

This May, Errol White and Davina Gavin took to the Macrobert stage, to perform their expressive dance, which looks at the evolving story of life.

Their choreography, coupled with the sinister lighting (designed by Fabiana Picciolo) and smoke effect, gave an eerie persona and presence to the dance.

White and Gavin moved in a way that was beautiful, yet significantly disjointed and jarred. It sought to tell of how life does not always flow and is not always lovely, but is interrupted by times of fragmented trouble.

The honesty of the dance was enhanced by the relationship of the dancers, who are in fact married. Their tale of life-long struggled felt all the more real because of their obvious connection.

Breathe, was an unnerving yet relatable presentation of the highs and lows of life and how we seek and attempt to intimately work with a partner on this un-pathed journey.

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