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Student voices to be heard on Scotland 2016

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Scotland 2016 will tonight be hosting university students to give their views on the European Union referendum.

The referendum is now just over a week away, and it is thought young people could be crucial to the outcome of the vote.

Numerous polls have shown – confirmed by Professor John Curtice – turnout will be crucial in the result of the EU referendum, with a lower turnout expected to favour the Leave vote, and the opposite for Remain.

According to Channel 4: “Both camps will tell you that higher turnout benefits the Remain campaign, lower turnout benefits the Leave camp. “Below 55% and we can win it,” one Leave campaign team member said. “The closer to a general election turnout (61%) the better for us,” the Remain camp say.”

Turnout is a concern for Remain. A poll for the Observer found 53% of 18-34 year-olds surveyed backed staying in the EU, whilst 30% of those 55 and over felt the same.

However, young people are also the least likely to vote, as has been seen consistently in almost every election, and the same looks to be replicated in this vote.

Regardless of which way young people do vote in favour of, their vote is expected to be crucial in this vote.

Scotland 2016 will be aired tonight at 22:30 on BBC Two. The EU referendum polls will open at 07:00 on 23 June, and close at 22:00.

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