Stirling Council commits to tackling child poverty

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Stirling Council has outlined plans to further its commitment to tackling child poverty in the Stirling area.

The community planning and regeneration committee agreed at a recent meeting to a new project which aims to further reduce child poverty across the Stirling council area, and “consider the most effective and sustainable approach for the future”.

Earlier this year an additional £105,000 was granted to help alleviate the effects of childhood poverty.

This new plan will see boosts to footwear and clothing grants, with the aim of providing assistance during difficult times of the year such as Christmas and the start of a new school term.

As well as this, the council will explore the possibility of uniform recycling and donation schemes. Programmes will also be developed to help tackle the stigma, while improving the understanding of poverty in schools.

Stirling Council has stated that parents and pupils will both be at the centre of the new project.

Community planning and regeneration convenor Cllr Corrie McChord spoke of said: “By increasing the amount available for clothing and footwear grants we aim to ensure equal opportunities for all Stirling pupils.

“It’s important that families are aware of what they are entitled to and how to access it, and I would urge parents who think they may be eligible to check school websites and social media channels for more information.”

According to the Child Poverty Action Group, more than a fifth of children in Scotland are currently living in poverty – a level significantly higher than most other European countries.

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