Local MSP slams anti-Corbyn shadow cabinet revolt

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Deputy Scottish Labour Leader Alex Rowley. Photo: Daily Record

A local MSP has condemned attempts to unseat Jeremy Corbyn following a day of shadow cabinet resignations.

Alex Rowley, MSP for Mid Scotland Fife and Deputy leader of the Scottish Labour Party, has called the resignations “disappointing” as he issued a call for unity in the opposition.

In a scathing statement, Rowley dubbed those who have today resigned as “plotters” who have “put self-interest before the needs of [the] country”.

Rowley also singled out Ian Murray MP, Labour’s only MP in Scotland, who today resigned as shadow Scottish secretary.

Murray resigned this afternoon, stating that he did not believe that Jeremy Corbyn was fit to be Prime Minister:

“He’s a decent human being, a lovely man who I got on incredibly well with, but he just can’t lead the Labour Party.”

During the EU referendum, Alex Rowley campaigned alongside Ian Murray for Britain to Remain in the European Union.

The Labour Party has today found itself in disarray with over a third of the shadow cabinet resigning, as senior members of the party call for Jeremy Corbyn to stand down.

In the early hours of this morning, Hilary Benn was sacked as shadow foreign secretary amidst allegations that he was staging a leadership coup.

Today, 12 members of the Shadow Cabinet have quit and further resignations from junior ministers are expected.

A spokesperson for Jeremy Corbyn has insisted that “[he] is the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party” and will remain as Leader of the Opposition.

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