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It’s been a big week in the music world so far – with big-name pop stars including Britney Spears and Katy Perry bursting back onto the scene, Snakehips teaming up with Zayn, plus we’re giving you a heads up on what’s to come later this week.

‘Make Me’ by Britney Spears ft G-Eazy

A slower, sultrier surprise from Britney Spears – Make Me is nothing like I had anticipated. When I initially read the title of her new track, I couldn’t help but assume it was going to be riddled with sexual innuendos or an in-your-face, ballsy comeback with loads of attitude like she previously did with Work B**** or that god-awful ‘Pretty Girls’ collaboration she did with Iggy Azalea.

Well, this just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

After a few listens, I become less confused and more nostalgic somehow. Make Me is a song that reminds me of her older ballads like Sometimes, Lucky and I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman except with a 2016 revamp – which is actually quite a nice change rather than always expecting a try-hard, headache-inducing club banger.

G-Eazy also fits in well with the whole production, which is another thing that surpassed my expectations. So maybe we’ll see some more interesting and effective collaborations ahead of the pop princess’s ninth album – I mean you’ve got to hand it to her for that!

I rate it 3.5/5 – you can check the audio out for yourself below:

‘Rise’ by Katy Perry

Rise is a song that does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a serious, inspiration-fuelled, ballad-style return for Katy Perry that is pervaded with clichés constantly signifying victory and success.

It’s clear that the song’s intentions are to be empowering and emotive ahead of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, as it was originally written as an anthem for NBC’s coverage of this summer’s highly-anticipated sporting event – not Katy’s new album as she addressed in a statement.

However, trying to deliver a song that is supposed to reflect a worldwide event as tremendous as the Olympics has got to be one hard piece of homework. Katy Perry undoubtedly has the voice to produce an anthem – we all know that by simply reviewing her history of ground-breaking hits such as Firework and Roar plus many others. Yet, unfortunately with this song, it gives me the impression of a flat-fallen attempt of another Roar. It just doesn’t reach quite high enough for me to confidently call it a perfect match, especially when compared to the event its representing.

I give it a 3/5, but give it a listen and see what you think!

‘Cruel’ by Snakehips ft Zayn

Following their breakthrough hit All My Friends which peaked at #5 in February, British production duo Oliver Lee and James Carter of Snakehips have teamed up with Zayn to create the ultimate summer song to hopefully see them to the top this time.

There’s one thing that’s for sure with this record – Zayn’s voice was made for it. It is definitely a ‘Zayn’ style of song – which I suppose is a good thing for him as it means people are slowly but surely beginning to understand who he is as an individual artist rather than forever labelling him ‘the Robbie Williams of One Direction’. After a couple of listens it starts to become a little addictive, which I have found with most of Zayn’s songs since his first debut single Pillow Talk – they are certainly growers.

It’s always easy to tell when a collaboration has just clicked into place. You can hear the seamlessness and feel that the decision was right simply by listening to the song. With this song I get that exact same sense, which can only mean good things are to come from Snakehips as they progress onwards in conquering the UK charts.

I’m giving it a strong 4/5. Here you can listen to half of the song – no doubt in a week it’ll be all over YouTube and Spotify though.

In other news…

On Friday (22nd July) Major Lazer will be releasing their new single Cold Water which has been co-produced alongside Ed Sheeran and features the vocals of Justin Bieber and  on the track – review to shortly follow.

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