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Namaste in Stirling has been open for quite a while, but it was only recently that I discovered it.

Out of all the eating outlets in Stirling, it is now a strong contender for being my favourite.

Situated right in the heart of Stirling, it offers easy access for everyone, including students who live in the town or get the bus from the university.

Being British, one of my big dilemmas in life is whether to go for Indian food or Chinese. They are both so good, and I always want to find a place to eat where I can pile my plate with both. Well now I can.

I am sure there are plenty of world food buffets around, but I have never been fortunate enough to live near them, so I was pretty excited to find one on my doorstep in Stirling.

Namaste has a wide selection of international dishes. Granted, it is mainly Indian and Chinese, but even within this they have variety. They have cuisine that is a mixture of spicy, mild, and heavy sauce, dry foods, noodles, rice and breads. And you can watch them cooking which is a great bonus for those interested in culinary arts, or want to know their food is being cooked properly.

But most importantly, they have the best dessert range – they even have a chocolate fondue and gummy bears.

But they do have more options too, like other Asian recipes, pizza and other “Americanised” foods, which means there is always something for everyone.

The design and atmosphere of the restaurant is ideal. With plenty of seating space on two floors, enough space to sit comfortably with your own party and warm furnishings, it is very relaxing. And the staff are incredibly helpful and accommodating.

The pricing is great too with varying costs for weekdays and weekends. I would even say it is better value for money than other buffet restaurants I have come across.

So check out Namaste if you want true variety and international flavour right in the heart of Stirling.

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