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This week’s list of new singles feature the surprise track from Major Lazer that is bustling with big-name contributors, Lana Del Rey’s leaked song and a light and lovely entry from artist that you may not know yet – but trust me, you will do very soon.

‘Cold Water’ by Major Lazer ft Justin Bieber and 

With the song starting off very similarly to Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself, which was also produced with a little (I’d probably say a lot of) help from Ed Sheeran, it doesn’t quite excite me as much as I thought it would. It verges on sounding so much the same to everything else we’ve heard lately from Bieber, which could cause for him to slip back from the high point he’s successfully shot to over the past year.

Having previously worked with Major Lazer on their success hit Lean On in 2015, I wasn’t overly surprised to hear that MØ was also featuring. However, despite MØ’s contribution being an enjoyable alternative to divert your attention to besides Bieber’s vocals – her mere 20-second part made her efforts seem almost pointless and unnecessary, which I felt was a huge shame. 

Aside from these downfalls, the beat is very catchy, and I can see it being a grower which will undoubtedly slowly work its way into the the top five over the next few weeks.

I’d say it deserves an average 3/5.

‘Super Movie’ by Lana Del Rey

After a busy few years since 2012, with three albums and an EP under her belt in that time alone, Lana Del Rey still seems adamant to create more music.

Super Movie, a previously unheard and unreleased track, was leaked online on Monday (25th July). Word on the street is: it’s believed to be a reworking of another previously leaked demo of hers titled On Our Way, which was originally recorded in 2010 and exposed to the public in 2012.

Super Movie is a classic Lana Del Rey production, which quietly yet confidently reinstates that no one does these beautifully haunting yet romantic songs better than her. It’s the sort of song you can visualise yourself falling asleep and dreaming to – but in a good way. She’s never been one for losing her sound, yet still manages to incorporate this into making chilling, unique tracks for us to early anticipate – reworked or not. That is one aspect of her artistry which I do gratefully applaud.

I give it a 4/5.

‘Bleeding Heart’ by Regina Spektor

Some of you may not have heard of her – when in an actual fact you probably have – you just don’t know it. Ever watched any of the hit Netflix Original series Orange Is the New Black? Yeah? Ever had the catchy theme song You’ve Got Time stuck in your heard? Well, that’s Regina Spektor.

The Soviet-born American singer/songwriter announced on Thursday (21st July) that her seventh studio album Remember Us To Life will be ready to drop on the 30th September, her first since 2012’s What We Saw From the Cheap Seats and the 2013 OITNB theme. Then, a day later, she brought us Bleeding Heart.

Bleeding Heart is initially a simple, light-hearted and very easy-to-listen-to track which gradually transforms into becoming a relatively busy yet effective track. Featuring a whimsy, catchy beginning and chorus – curiosity has automatically taken over and you are hooked into the song. Then, the vocals take a surprising turn – from being a lovely and delicate tone one minute to being suddenly sassy and sped-up the next, then to an even slower paced balladry towards the end – I can only describe this track as being a wonderful, whimsical roller coaster packed full of surprises.

I rate it a 4/5.

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