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This week’s latest additions see the likes of Ellie Goulding debuting her lead single for new film Bridget Jones’s Baby, quirky Liverpool act Clean Cut Kid’s heart-breaking track, and Michael Bublé returning with his super-catchy (and surprisingly non-Christmassy) release.

‘Still Falling For You’ by Ellie Goulding

On August 19, Ellie Goulding released Still Falling For You, the lead single taken from the original soundtrack to the upcoming motion picture Bridget Jones’s Baby, which will be fully available on September 16 on the same day as the film’s release.

Ellie Goulding seems to be a natural at producing these heart-warming, mid-tempo pop ballads. With this being her second movie soundtrack since Fifty Shades of Grey‘s Grammy-nominated 2015 hit Love Me Like You Do, I wonder if she’ll receive the same praise this time around?

Personally, I don’t honestly think it’ll be as successful as Love Me Like You Do. Despite Still Falling For You following a similar formula to its predecessor and it seeming like more creative thought has gone into the song’s lyrics – I think it might be because she’s already ‘been there, done that’ it doesn’t feel as effective or convincing. I also thought that the track’s beginning and build-up is quite slow before you get to the ‘good bit’ which I found slightly off-putting.

I give it an average 3/5, on account of it being more of a grower, hence why it’s been released a month before the movie.

‘We Used To Be In Love’ by Clean Cut Kid

The past 18 months have been busy for the Liverpool four-piece Clean Cut Kid. When they burst onto the scene with their undeniably catchy and loveable hit Vitamin C – they sure as hell put Vampire Weekend in their place and showed them how it’s done.

With previous songs Runaway and Pick Me Up also independently gaining recognition for the band, they’re now back with We Used To Be In Love, a truth-telling song which delves into the despair of drifting apart from an ex-partner.

Out tomorrow (August 23) the EP We Used To Be In Love takes a very different approach to their other songs in that the tempo is slower and the lyrics are deeper – yet it still confirms them as the ‘ones to watch’ of indie rock. The track is very relatable and easy to listen to, which puts the band in a prime place for attracting new fans and attracting the sort hype they deserve if they didn’t already achieve it with Vitamin C. I reckon We Used To Be In Love might just be the ‘sinker’ they needed to end their ‘hook’ and ‘line’ for cemented fandom.

I’d say it deserves a high 4.5/5.

‘Nobody But Me’ by Michael Bublé

Hold up. Is it Christmas? Every time I hear Bublé’s vocals I automatically assume winter is actually coming. But no – this is just Bublé’s super catchy feel-good single ahead of his new album of the same name which is due out on 21st October. 

Things have been a little quiet for Bublé since his last album To Be  Loved was released in 2013 – except at Christmas time when his songs are obviously replayed to death. However, Nobody But Me has a seriously infectious hook, even just by listening to the dreamy intro you know he’s only gone ahead and done it again. I can definitely see it being a huge radio hit with a lot of demand to follow.

The pop and jazz singer has also followed similar decision-making paths to those like Olly Murs and injecting a fresher feel to the song by including a rap – Bublé’s collaboration with guest rapper Black Thought works well and avoids the song sounding too repetitive. If the rest of the album is heading in the same direction as this, then I’d say Bublé’s in for yet another successful career peak.

I’m going to rate it an impressive 4/5.

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