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by Lyndsay Clelland

I come from a working class area in Lanarkshire, the birthplace of Keir Hardie and the Labour Party.

I am a proud socialist, feminist, and trade unionist. These values are intertwined with my political activism.

To me, the Labour Party has always meant social justice, solidarity, and standing up for the 99%, not the 1%.

I saw these values in action in my former Labour MP; he always promoted socialist values, always fought for the best for my community.

He helped individuals fight the Bedroom Tax, made sure that our community centres never closed, and secured housing for those in difficult situations.

I wanted to help the way he did and that’s why I became involved in the Labour Party.

We are the party of socialism, of solidarity, of workers rights, and of the NHS.

The Labour Party puts their socialist values into action, not just political rhetoric.

Whenever I campaign for Labour, I am campaigning for a society which is better for everyone.

As a society, we’re involved with campus and national campaigns like the Fair Rent campaign and the Labour Campaign for Mental Health, and we’re helping out in the local community as well.

We hold society debates on important issues, and we hope to work with more societies throughout the year to hold mental health training and workers rights education events.

If you’re anti-austerity, and want to get involved in campaigning for a better, socialist Scotland you can come and meet us at our Give It A Go on Tuesday, like us on Facebook ‘Stirling University Labour Society’, and follow us on Twitter @StirlingUniLab.

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