Why the Freshers 15 isn’t always a bad thing

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by Ailsa Galashan

Let’s be frank, we all gain a few during Freshers.

Whether it’s the alcohol, free pizza or midnight chips, it’s hard to leave the first week of uni without a little extra stodge. Every year I would be angry with myself- convinced that if I’d put on too many pounds then I wouldn’t fit into my skinny jeans, I would instantly become unattractive and spotty and hate my life.

I would go around Tesco’s, making sure I had everything as low fat as possible, and burnt of the hangover on the treadmill the next day while my friends ate leftover pizza and watched Gilmore Girls reruns.

I measured out the amount of pasta I put on my plate – terrified that I put too much on and everything would go wrong. In my life, in my health, in my everything.

But then, this year, I’ve had a thought.

Let’s just stop this.

Going into my final year of Freshers, I’m ready for the stodge, stodge is okay. Whether you want it to keep you warm during the Scottish winter, or you just don’t want to be too hard on yourself – remember, sometimes there is more to life than what size jeans you wear, and even that can change on a daily basis.

There’s no point scrounging yourself, convinced that the bag of chips your friend is offering to you is going to make you drop down dead with a heart attack (and if you do feel this way, take a deep breath. There’s help and support for you here).

University can be stressful enough without worrying about how many calories you are consuming (and if you are anything like me and don’t stop moving until you’re in your bed at night, then you for sure don’t need to be worrying about those).

Have curly fries from the union, jeez, you only live once.

So, this year, I’m going to embrace the Freshers 15, and enjoy it. I’m going to wear whatever I want to wear, I’m going to be dancing in Dusk and strolling around the atrium with a slice of pizza in one hand and a ring binder in the other.

And I am 100% okay with that.

And believe me, you should be too.

I hope you had a fab Freshers, you beautiful person.

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