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Snow White comes to Macrobert this October

balletLORENT showcase their singular spin on a classic tale, promising magic with a bite.


balletLORENT bring their unique vision of the Grimm brothers’ Snow White to the Macrobert Arts Centre this October.

The production promises to be an extraordinary narrative through dance, featuring blends of classical and modern genres with hints of Gothic themes, a fantastic score, a renowned costume illustrator, as well as a 12-member young cast of dancers recruited from the Stirling locale.

This is the troupe’s second adaptation of a trilogy of original fairy tales, following Rapunzel and preceding next year’s Rumpelstiltskin.

Artistic director Liv Lorent’s blend of abundant magic traditionally expected of fairy tales, with darker, haunting undercurrents promises to make the production as captivating for adults as it will for the younger audience members.

Other collaborators of the production include Poet Laureate Carol Anne Duffy, composer Murray Gold (music composer for Doctor Who) and costume illustrator Libby Everall (renowned for her work on HBO’s Game of Thrones).

Joining the troupe are also 12 local Stirling children and young adults. balletLORENT  have long had a tradition of recruiting a young cast in regions they tour to, giving each performance a feel of locality and representation, as well as giving the children a chance to learn from dance professionals and, indeed, to become a part of the cult fairy tale.

Snow White portrays darkness and light in a way that appeals to all ages. credit: Bill Cooper

With an assured great score, costumes and narration, leveled on top of stunning expressive dance and unorthodox themes, Snow White undertakes a significant feat, which it seems it might, indeed, achieve: the ability to cater to an extremely wide and diverse audience.

The performances are on Tuesday, October 11 at 7pm, and Wednesday, the 12th at 2pm. Ticket prices are £5.50 for students (£10.50 standard). Make sure to come along, and watch this space for a follow-up!

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