Transport under fresh scrutiny as Union opens consultation

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Transport to and from Stirling University is under fresh scrutiny as the Stirling Students’ Union opens a consultation on available services.

The Union said it recognised there were issues surrounding the availability of buses and car parking spaces, and said it would be open to comments from students on their experience of car parking at university.

The report released by the Union said: “We discussed a number of issues with First, including the issue of the availability of buses coming to the campus first thing in the morning.

“Our concern is that people on occasion have been missing their classes due to an apparent lack of buses. Based on the representations we made, First have agreed to a number of measures to assist with this including adding an additional morning service.”

Some students have reported waiting for a bus for up to 30 minutes. Fourth year politics and history student Elen Kulagowski tweeted her frustration to First after reportedly experiencing poor service from the company.

She told Brig: “I think the UL service works well when it is being monitored, but other than that either no bus turns up or three turn up at the same time after waiting 40 minutes.

“I now leave an hour and a quarter before class because the service is unreliable and the bus drivers are very often rude about the amount of students getting on the bus.”

First wanted to remind students their student cards will get them a student rate on all First buses, not just UniLinks, so they do not have to wait for a UL.


The Union added: “We also discussed some medium to long-term measures to help including the option of a bus shelter in Queen’s Court and more access to real-time information on services.”

Car parking has been a long-term issue at the university, with students and staff frequently complaining about the number of spaces available.

Kirsty Grossart, a fourth year journalism student, said there were “definitely not enough spaces.”

She added: “The number of times I’ve been late because of parking is ridiculous and I only got my car this semester. Even if you try and park up at the accommodation it can take ages to find somewhere, and then you still have to walk back down to class.

“I think they need to employ multi-storey parking or underground parking if they don’t want to ruin the campus.”

The price of a full-year parking permit rose at the start of this semester, from £150 to £200.

The Union and university admitted “the current scenario is not working”, and it would be seeking opinions from students.

Students can get in touch by emailing theunion@stir.ac.uk.

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  1. Yeah i always walk to the first bus stop in town centre so I can actually fit on the bus in a morning 🙁 otherwise 3 full buses drive straight past

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