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This week’s latest singles come from collaborations by The Weeknd ft Daft Punk, John Legend ft Chance The Rapper, and the return of Kate Nash.

‘I Feel It Coming’ by The Weeknd ft Daft Punk

These two artists have obviously made the most out of a good situation: if you make good music, then continue doing so. ‘I Feel It Coming’ is The Weeknd’s second creation to come from his collaboration with Daft Punk, after the duo’s hit release ‘Star Boy’.

This song has an extremely chilled-out, Bruno Mars-meets-Michael Jackson feel to it that in my opinion is far better than ‘Star Boy’, which I initially felt was a challenge to accept and enjoy on first listen. Despite this, ‘I Feel It Coming’ is by no means a grower like the preceding.

It’s a song that from the first play I have simply not been able to get out of my head – but in a positive way. It’s the sort of feel-good, 80’s-style song that clearly brings forward Daft Punk’s influence, whereas with ‘Star Boy’ their input wasn’t as obvious. And with Daft Punk’s unique yet instantly identifiable sound, it’s worth making the most of, as illustrated on tracks such as this.

I’d give it a deserved 4/5.

‘My Little Alien’ by Kate Nash

Nearly a decade since her breakthrough record ‘Foundations’, Kate Nash is back with her new catchy and slightly weird track ‘My Little Alien’.

Nash’s vocals have certainly matured over the years, but have kept their fun and quirky traits, and ‘My Little Alien’ certainly demonstrates this. Kate Nash is one of those artists who always stays true to who she is. She never forgets to inject lightness into her songs which is what helps her embrace her individuality. I have surely not heard anything like this, similarly with her last release ‘Good Summer’.

Disclaimer: ‘My Little Alien’ isn’t actually about an alien. It’s in fact about her dog, Stella. The inspiration apparently came from Nash seeing a UFO for the first time when on a trip to Nevada. Nash explains:

“I took my rescue pup on the trip and I realized she is my best friend and although I have never met an alien she is like my little alien in a way. When I rescued her from a man in a coffee shop who wanted 20 bucks to get off drugs, she saved me at a time when I needed it most. Sometimes it feels like we’re both from another planet. This song is about loving the strange.”

I’d give Nash a 3.5/5.

‘Penthouse Floor’ by John Legend ft Chance The Rapper

‘Penthouse Floor’ is a song that starts out super funky, and continues as a slinky, sensual sounding song that was co-written by Sia and Beck associate Greg Kurstin. It’s the first single to be released ahead of Legend’s fifth album ‘Darkness and Light’, which is set to drop on December 2.

Aside from the song’s undeniably infectious beat and Legend’s smooth and soulful vocals, Chance The Rapper’s verse perfectly suits everything about this song: the style, pace, tone and context. The song alludes topics such as racism and social injustice, with the ‘penthouse floor’ representing a higher social class in life, as Legend sings:

“A little ignorance and bliss, in the penthouse babe, go to the penthouse.”

It’s trying times like now, particularly after the presidential election outcome, where a song like this is at it’s most relatable. However, hopefully in an underwhelming time such as now, the easy-going beat of this song will give people that boost to keep on dancing.

I give it 4/5.

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