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2016 is almost over: What now?

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John Oliver blew up 2016 in his final episode of the season. Photo: HBO

It is finally November. Half of the US is happy that she, the former First Lady. Senator, and Secretary of State with a private e-mail server, lost.

The other half is devastated that he, the family-loan-receiving, racist, misogynistic, pussy-grabbing, inpatient, child version of a businessman, won. Outside of the 50 states, it is even easier to see who the favourable candidate was.

But it’s finished. You can protest, you can cry, you can do whatever you want, but you probably did not vote so now you can only wait till 2020.

One problem of this whole campaign, though, was the personality narrative I myself just employed in this previous paragraph. If for one second we take away the characters, the personalities and that statements the picture becomes much clearer.

We have a classic Republican agenda with an unconventional face. The main question is whether that agenda is going to win over the face. As the first few moments of setting up the Trump administration clearly prove, this is going to be a real battle. The establishment of the Republican Party is ecstatic, they have full power in Capitol Hill and the White House. Yet do they?

The two main figures that are most likely to be the heart and soul of Trump House are realising that debate more clearly than anything else. An establishment Republican, Reince Priebus, has been named Chief of Staff, and an extremist, online personality realising all that was wrong with the Trump campaign, Stephen Bannon, is Chief Strategist.

The two voices are most likely to be heard over each other for the next four years. In each issue, the one that prevails is going to make Donald Trump either more Republican puppet, or uncontrollable child.

Reince Priebus (left) and Stephen Bannon. Photo: STF/AFP/Getty Images

Thinking about this, I am inclined to hope for Mr Priebus to be heard always. But then I remembered what happened the last time the man in the White House was controlled by his Republican establishment advisors. Iraq happened. In fact, this fight may pretty much define whether we will have another G W Bush in Washington, or a Shonda Rhimes series for President, that is one that no one can ever predict.

While protesting right now cannot, in fact, do much, the Republican Party, the Democratic, US voters, global leaders and the entire world needs to keep an eye out for the blonde wig’s next move. And that’s because only one thing is certain right now: we are going to miss Barack Obama. For the rest, we will have to wait and see. After all, President-elect himself promised to keep up in suspense in the last debate. And he sure will.

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