Tackle exam stress with a nap pod at Edinburgh Uni

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It is exam time. You have been pulling all-nighters, stressing over muscle contraction, whether Hobbes was a good liberal or not, or where the Juan de Fuca plate ends and the Pacific Plate begins.

Imagine you could just take a nap in the library and clear the head a little. That is what over 80% of students at Edinburgh University voted for this week, with the installation of two ‘nap pods’.

Over 1900 students voted in an election to install the pods in the main Edinburgh University library, with 84% voting in favour.

The pods have been popularised by Google, and will cost £10,000 each for four pods.

Student-lead think tank Buchanan Institute released a 30-page report on the pods, and noted: “Student satisfaction for the university is low (120th in the UK according to the 2017 Complete University Guide) and one major factor contributing to this can be student welfare and comfort.

“Harvard Medical School’s Dr Charles Czeisler has argued that sleep is the ‘third pillar’ of health directly linked with wellbeing and productivity.

“Dr Czeisler has highlighted the consequences of sleep deprivation on one’s health, productivity, alertness and awareness.”

A spokesperson for Edinburgh University said: “The University of Edinburgh is always open to discussions with its students on a wide range of initiatives to help improve the student experience.”

One of the report’s five authors Bharat Chaturvedi told the BBC: “Students need be involved in more societies nowadays for their CVs, which often means they lose out on sleep at night.

“This becomes a bit troublesome and tiring for students.

“I personally feel the nap pods are a good idea because I often feel sleep deprived and I feel a 20 minute nap would re-energise me so I can meet my commitments for the rest of the day.”

The vote means a formal request will be sent to university management for the installation of the pods.

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