Top 5 hangover prevention tips

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As the holidays come to an end, the festive spirit has started to slowly fade away. What won’t fade away as easily, however, are the vivid memories of the various hangovers you had this holiday season.

From wining and dinning with the family over the Christmas weekend to the Hogmanay celebrations, the winter break sure did remind us that we might want to take it a little bit easier this January. However, if you are anything like me and that planned failed, here are my top five hangover prevention tips to help you cope this semester.

1) Shop for your hangover just in case:


It might not sound very glamorous but if you know you are set for a good night, even if you ‘won’t stay out too long’, make sure you are prepared. When you go booze shopping you might as well pick up the things you KNOW you will be craving (or needing, rather) in the morning: fresh juice, bacon, painkillers, etc.

2) Drink water:


Yes, it might sound like a no brainer, but most people will often forget to drink water throughout the night and before bed. It won’t kill your buzz but will keep your head clear.

3) Eat well:


Whether that is before and/or after the drinking, it always helps to get some food in your system. Again, another obvious tip that is easy to forget.

4) Take breaks:



If you start feeling a little too tipsy, give yourself enough time to recover. Stop drinking for a bit (or altogether if you need to) and enjoy the rest of the night.

5) Sober up before falling asleep:



This one is key.  If you are sobered up by the time you get to bed your hangover, if any, will be significantly less painful. Stop drinking about 30 minutes to an hour before the night officially ends. Ideally, if it’s manageable and if you have a friend with you, you should walk home to clear your head and get some fresh air.

If you still need more time, you can always play a show or some YouTube once you get home. You can lie down and start to get some rest while you do this but it will prevent you from falling asleep right away.

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