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Students vote to make ListenAgain compulsory for all lectures

The Education Zone meeting resolved to pass a motion to make recording lectures compulsory, with 58 votes in favour.

Photo: University of Stirling

The student body has voted almost unanimously in favour of making the recording of lectures via ListenAgain compulsory.

The decision was made at tonight’s Education Zone meeting, where the motion was supported by 58 votes, with two abstentions.

VP Matt Adie said at the meeting: “We are very close to getting ListenAgain to become a mandatory requirement, so those with caring duties and those with additional learning support can access lectures without difficulty, whilst it can also aid revision and those who cannot attend lectures.

“We are pushing for ListenAgain to become mandatory. There has been some resistance from some university staff, but we feel we should push ahead with the policy for the reasons I have outlined.”

It is evident use of ListenAgain is inconsistent across the university, with some faculties recording more lectures than others.

Failing to record lectures runs against obligations, such as in the case of those students with Agreed Record of University Adjustments (ARUAs).

THis is stipulated in the university’s ‘Supporting Disabled Students: Guidance for Schools’ document, which includes students with ARUAs must have access to the ListenAgain facility.

The recommendation is currently being considered by the Education and Student Experience Committee (ESEC) who will release a statement following a meeting at 2pm February 8.

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