The Kushners are the epitomy of nepotism. Image: New York Times

Women like Ivanka: Adversity vs privilege

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Donald J. Trump is now the 45th President of the USA. Following a campaign of misogyny, racism and lies, his inauguration was met with criticism, which he has yet to prove wrong.

In these times, it is tempting to turn to the one sure to be his daughter – Ivanka Trump-Kushner. A mother-of-three with not a bad word to say of her father, she seems kind, well-spoken and genuine.

That’s why it is especially important not to fall into her trap.

Ms Trump converted to Judaism for her husband and joined her father’s business after earning a diploma from his alma-mater the Wharton school of Economics, UPenn. When asked to nominate Mr Trump’s favourite child, his three older children turned to Ivanka.

A product of her father’s dreams. Image: CBS News

It is strange to hear her explain to her children that their grandfather is going to try and help as many people as he can, when his executive orders have targeted her gender. In a controversial image this week, he was seen signing an anti-abortion bill. Afterwards, he terminated Mr Obama’s amnesties, before moving forward with his plan for a wall to enforce the border between Mexico and the United States.

Meanwhile, Ivanka’s Instagram shows an idyllic life of a family thankful for “the people’s” vote, wherein her children explore their grandfather’s new home on all fours.

Like many oppressive regimes in the world, this one won’t affect the Trump children. Should Ivanka get pregnant unexpectedly, she will fly out to a European country to have an abortion. Should authorities begin mass deportation and incarceration of religious minorities, the Kushner clan will be immune to the orders.

This woman is currently the most privileged woman of the United States of America, and possibly of the American continent. She was handed her career through what she calls a “workaholic” attitude (which is really her father having always groomed her for the role). Jared Kushner has yet to be assigned a specific role in the new administration, but if quitting NYC’s Ivanka Trump HQ was such an easy choice, the family must have a lofty future ahead.

Ms Trump-Kushner seems a beacon of hope for her father’s presidency, with an attitude to make anyone feel they have her full attention. She, however, will never be subject to her father’s policies, nor will her children or husband.

Under Trump, the Kushners have total immunity. Image: New York Times

She is a comforting presence because of the way she was raised, and she was hired by her father because she fits his every characteristic; she laughs when embarrassed, softly tells Trump that hinting at incest isn’t great for PR. She’s beautiful, dyes her hair, has immaculate make-up, is always in heels and in a beautiful dress, knows how to highlight her best physical features and has a maternal, nurturing personality.

Ivanka Trump is the white woman of the 1%, she does not understand the values of those who marched in their city for their reproductive rights.

She may be her father’s mascot, but she should not be regarded as a possibility for improvement and soft policies on her father’s behalf.

“The rich and powerful aren’t evil, they’re just blithe.” – Caitlin Moran

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