Alex Salmond predicts indyref2 in the next 18 months

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Credit: Ross Brannigan

A capacity crowd flocked to the Logie Lecture Theatre on Thursday evening to witness former first minister Alex Salmond deliver a speech on Scotland’s future in Europe.

The MP for Gordon arrived at the University of Stirling where he stressed the importance of a second referendum in order to maintain membership of the European Union.

At the event hosted by Stirling University’s Student Nationalist Association, Salmond predicted the launch of the referendum within the next 18 months.

He said: “It is important to hold a referendum on Scottish independence before the key process of withdrawal [from the EU] is completed.”

The SNP’s International Affairs Spokesperson took a moment to condemn President Donald Trump’s travel ban, calling it “wrong” to reject immigrants.

Salmond also took the opportunity to scrutinise the Brexit White Paper put forward by the Westminster government, noting that it was not enough to “start international negotiations”.


The visit comes just one day after the Article 50 bill was approved by the UK Parliament with just 114 MPs voting against it – including all except one of Scotland’s MPs.

The support for the bill in Parliament means the UK government are able to begin the process of leaving the European Union, a move which the SNP believe should not be allowed to go ahead without the approval of devolved parliaments.

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