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Sports centre redevelopment enters consultation phase

Sports Union president Jess Morris wants to know what students would like to see in the revamp of the sports facilities.

Photo: University of Stirling

Students are being asked for their opinions on the university’s sports facilities, as a planned redevelopment enters the consultation stage.

Sports Union president Jess Morris tonight told a General Meeting of the Union the opinions of students are being sought for the redevelopment.

Morris said: “I’m lucky enough to sit on these groups that work towards the redevelopment plan, but when I speak, I don’t just want to speak on behalf of my own opinion – I want to speak on behalf of all of you as well.”

Morris emphasised the need for the redevelopment, saying that the facilities have meant that the capacity has “maxed out”, and there are sports clubs struggling to get training time for some of their teams.

She also said that the Gannochy facilities are “tired” and “old”, and that other universities, such as Glasgow or Edinburgh, are either going through their own revamp, or have already had one.

Stirling has been branded Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence, a title that Morris worries may become “embarrassing” if nothing is done about the facilities.

The need for all types of opinion was also enforced, Morris told those at the meeting who were users of the facilities “This redevelopment is not just focused on you guys and keeping you happy, it’s how you draw in everyone else as well, because we want to make it as accessible as possible to everyone, so all opinions are so, so valuable.”

The consultation period is relatively short, closing at the end of the month, before moving on to address the feedback of students.

Morris told the crowd in LT.A4, that there will be comment boards in the Atrium as well as Pathfoot, and there will also be consultation groups planned for next week in the Atrium.

She closed by saying that anyone with any questions can email her at

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