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University set to replace Succeed

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Learning portal Succeed is to be replaced for the next academic year, VP Education Matt Adie has revealed.

During Tuesday’s Union General Meeting, Adie spoke about the university’s plans to move from Succeed to a newer, more modern learning environment.

Students have long had issues with Succeed, and the news was welcomed with a warm reception at the meeting.

Adie described the move in more detail, revealing that Succeed will most likely be replaced by the start of the 2017/18 academic year.

He stated: “We are going into tender for a brand new Virtual Learning Environment, just a replacement for Succeed. But before we do that, the university wants to know what students want, what issues we have with it at the minute, what could be improved.

“We really want a much more intuitive system that will work, not just on desktops, but on mobiles as well.”

A survey of students’ preferences for a new system was also taken, with those in attendance urged to suggest ways in which the new system could improve on Succeed.

Key problems brought up included the overabundance of notifications, lack of access to previous modules and issues with receiving grades.

Adie also discussed that there is a push currently to move more towards online feedback for students’ coursework.

Also mentioned was that the move for compulsory Listen Again recordings will not take place until the next academic year.

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