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LGBT Story: Dear 13 year-old me

An anonymous writer tells their story of LGBT identity through a letter to their younger self.


By Anonymous

Dear Me,

So, by the time you are an almost-adult, you will be happily identifying as a queer person.

I know you won’t be expecting this at all, because you currently believe you are a straight teenage girl. This is gonna be a very long and pretty difficult journey, but it will all be okay and you will be happy, I promise.

Here is roughly how it’s going to go: by age 14 you will start thinking that maybe the way you look at girls is different and that you don’t just ‘want to look like them’. Newsflash: you want to kiss them.

This is gonna take you a long time to process, and I won’t lie, it will be really difficult and burdensome, and often-times upsetting.

But the good news is you will eventually be okay with the way you are, and will understand yourself much better.

At 15 you will accept the fact that you are not straight, and at 16 you will (finally) tell your best friend.

At 17, you will fall in love with the most wonderful person, and they will help you come out to the rest of your friends (it’s that kid who is in your French class who you barely know just now). You’re gonna be great together.

At 17 and a half, you will come out to your parents. This will be one of the hardest things you will ever do, but trust me – it will be worth it.

Coming out to them will relieve so much stress and guilt, and you will become much happier.

When you turn 18 you are going to cut off all of your hair and stop hiding behind it. You’ll start questioning your gender identity and experiment more with how you dress.

You will think about labels and pronouns, and come to realise you don’t really care about them and are content with not being put in a box.

‘Queer’ suits you best, and you will love the ambiguity of the term.

At 19, you will still be in a long distance relationship with your datemate from school. They will make you so happy and even though you will miss them so much, being apart is way better than not being with them at all.

You will learn to be proud of yourself. You will be happy with how you are! You’re gonna be okay, kid.
Lots of love, future you xxx


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