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Image Source: Etsy- AngelBlueArt

Forever and a week

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Image Source: Etsy- AngelBlueArt
Poem by Anonymous

I first saw you on a Wednesday,

I watched you talk from afar

Mesmerised by your confidence,


I met you on a Thursday,

Chatting casually to other people

But my eyes were only on you

We danced all night


You hugged me on a Friday

Both scared to show too much emotion

But with hopeful goodbyes

Image Source: Etsy – AngelBlueArt

I told you that I loved you on a Monday.

I don’t remember

But you do


You told me you loved me on a train.


I told you that I loved you more than Nutella,

You made me write it down.

These notes aren’t hard to find in the corners of our room.

Image Source: Etsy – AngelBlueArt

I remember every time we burst through the door so engulfed in each other I barely have time to look around

I think that I have always loved you


You snore.

You refuse to believe me but you do.

I’ll manage to record it one day.


You are always right.

Even if sometimes I slip you my answers and let you cheat.

I will always love you.

You will always love me.


Forever and a week.

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