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I see no difference between ‘traditional’ relationships and LGBT relationships

Sport's Editor Hannah Louise McNicol gives her perspective as an LGBT ally on relationships and simply celebrating being with the person you love.

Image Souce: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/oregon-judge-fines-christian-bakers-135000-for-refusing-to-bake-a-gay-weddi

by Hannah Louise McNicol

Love is love. Happiness is happiness. You are you.

I grew up in an open-minded family and being aware of LGBT issues while not actually knowing about them.

As a child, we would stay with a school friend of my Dad’s. In the home, he was and now has renovated, with his partner.

I remember being allowed to stay up late, and being allowed to go to bed when the adults did. Chris and Josh went into the same room, and with a child’s curiosity I asked my Mum why they were sharing a room.

“They are a couple” was her only response, and I accepted that. As I have grown up and become aware of what homosexuality, bisexuality and all the other beautiful sexualities  felt by people, I have never changed my mind: their relationship was no different to my parents. No different to any of mine. No different to anyone else’s in the world.

They loved one another.

To me, that is all that matters.

I was honoured to attend their wedding – on the first day it was legally allowed.

I sat there and watched two men, who had been part of my life for my whole life, choke when saying their vows. They were no different from any bride or groom I had ever seen getting married, other than they both had a penis. Their wedding was beautiful, simple and a celebration of love.

When a friend came out in my final year of school, I was there to talk to while he battled with telling his parents (who were accepting and always would be!).

I was able to spend time with him as he fell in love with his boyfriend, and I was honoured to spend time with two people so happy with one another.

Those in the LGBT community are no different to me in my mind, simply because they want to love and be happy.

If someone is happy then that is all that matters. Whether they be into someone of the same gender, someone of another, or both, I simply do not care!

Be who you are and be happy!

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