Middle-earth: Shadow of War trailer confirms release date

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PlayStation finally delivered the long-awaited announcement trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of War earlier today, confirming the release date for the title as August 22 2017.


The backstory-centered Shadow of Mordor follow-up will bring back the familiar Celebrimbor and Talion, this time embodying the Bright Lord, attempting to stir rebellion and subterfuge behind enemy lines.

Warner Bros. Interactive announced, in an earlier press-release, that the Nemesis System – the central game mechanic – has been upgraded and expanded, allowing the player more customization options in terms of approach and strategy. The Nemesis is now applied to the entire world, and all character and plot development is controlled and decided exclusively by the player’s choice of action.

In this expansion-esque release, you will get the chance to build and command your own Orc army, and conquer strategic locations and fortresses, which offer numerous scenarios of plot progress. This is of course intertwined with the signature Middle-Earth evoking storytelling.

The title will be available on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Project Scorpio. It is also on the list of Xbox Play Anywhere titles, meaning you get a free digital copy of the game for the PC if you buy it for the console, or vice versa. This mode also supports cloud saves and cross-play multiplayer.

Shadow of War will be released as four different versions – standard, silver, gold, and mithril. The prices for each are, as yet, unconfirmed, but the most exclusive mithril edition is announced to contain a limited-edition statuette, steel case, official soundtrack, a magnetic Ring of Power, linen map of Mordor, and numerous gear and mission expansions.

credit: Polygon

Warner Bros. believe Monolith Productions upped the ante in this latest edition to the Middle-earth franchise, ‘driving the genre forward, taking the system to new heights and allowing players to create their own personal journey.’

Shadow of Mordor got universally positive reviews, averaging at 9.3/10. Let’s hope Shadow of War will maintain that standard.

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