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WATCH: Your candidates for Union President

Brig joined Air3 Radio on Thursday to interview Union President candidates Astrid Smallenbroek and Searlas Thoirdealbhaigh - filming and editing courtesy of our friends at AirTV.

Thursday saw an official media day to kick-start the 2017 Student Union Elections.

It was a full day of one-on-one interviews with the people seeking to lead your Union in the forthcoming academic year.

Brig were joined by our pals Air3 Radio, who split interviewing duties with us, while our other pals AirTV were on hand to film and edit the footage for your viewing pleasure, and to prepare you for making your choice when voting begins in TEN DAYS. (Only ten days, jeez).

You can access all videos on AirTV’s Youtube channel.

First up, we have your two candidates for Union President – Astrid Smallenbroek and Searlas Thoirdealbhaigh.

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