Astrid Smallenbroek claims victory in Union President race

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Astrid Smallenbroek has been elected Union President, defeating Searlas Mac, with a resounding majority in the first round.

Astrid took the victory with a substantial margin of 398.

Smallenbroek spoke throughout her campaign about the need to revamp the university’s Student Services Hub, improving both waiting times and confidentiality, as well as hiring another counsellor.

In the other races, Jamie Grant took the VP Comms position, Rebecca Blair was elected Sports Union president and Matt Adie was re-elected VP Education.

When asked how she felt about her victory, Astrid said: “Fantastic. I don’t know what else to say. I thought it was going to be really close, Searlas ran a great campaign.”

Brig asked what she would do next, Smallenbroek said: “I think the priority is definitely hiring another counsellor, I know that’s something the Union is already pushing for, so I’m confident that we can hopefully get that done before the students come back.

“Then try and also work on the Student Hub before the students get back so there’s confidentiality there.”

Adie was re-elected 807 votes to Natalie Smith’s 515.

Speaking after his victory, he said that he wants to work with Smith, saying that “she had some incredible manifesto points that can’t be left to disappear.

“I want us to work together to create a combined vision for education.”

Rebecca Blair triumphed in the final race of the night, beating three other candidates in a race that went to the fourth round.

It was as close as one vote between Lindsay MacDonald and Alex Duke in the second round.

Afterwards, Rebecca said: “Wow. Absolutely fantastic. It was such a close race, and to go to the fourth round is amazing.”

First on Blair’s agenda was made clear from the start:“Get those facilities sorted! Our budget is cut, and we need to make sure every student’s voice is heard.”

Jamie Grant took the VP Comms race, winning in the final run off against James Fitzsimons, eeking out the victory by 47 votes in the final round.

Grant opened his speech by jokingly thanking the academy, and then paying homage to his campaign team, who were sat in the crowd.

Speaking to Brig afterwards, Grant said he was “shocked more than anything, James ran an excellent campaign, Alasdair also ran a very well managed campaign”.

When asked the first thing he would do Grant said: “No rest for the wicked. I’m going to be at Parliament tomorrow and at the next General Meeting I will be chairing a motion for a new Housing Officer, and seconding Ryan Collins’ motion to have audio recording of GMs.”

Voter turnout was up by 2.3%, compared to last year, with 2,095 students casting ballots.

All executive officer positions were run unopposed and filled successfully.

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