Kilted Kangaroo the venue for First Aid Africa charity pub quiz

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Credit: Carmen Virzi

This Thursday (March 16) two University of Stirling students, Magda Musa and Carmen Virzi, are hosting a pub quiz at the Kilted Kangaroo with all the proceeds going towards their upcoming expedition to Tanzania.

The girls are both going as members of the Stirling First Aid Africa society and are aiming to raise £1500 before they, along with eight other students, travel 7000 miles around the world to teach First Aid to the local communities in Tanzania, Malawi and Kenya.

Both the girls are going to Tanzania for a four-week placement, where they will teach emergency first aid to schools and community groups.

The charity prides itself on delivering a sustainable program, where volunteers will teach using locally sourced materials and pass on their knowledge to the rural communities that are often unreachable for ambulances.

Host Magda was keen to highlight the importance of the charity: “Not only do we hope to raise much funds for the charity, but also raise awareness of the constant hard working nature of the organisation.”

The charity’s goal is to provide vital emergency first aid training in Sub-Saharan Africa which doesn’t rely on western handouts. 32% more people die as a result of injuries than malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS combined.

The First Aid Africa society gives a great opportunity for students to take part in volunteering in rural communities in Africa during the summer break.

Magda said: “I am so glad that I got involved with First Aid Africa this year, because as a society we share solidarity and there is a great sense of team spirit.

“Anyone who is interested would be welcome to come along to a meeting to find out what we do and would be welcomed with open arms.

“It’s definitely one of the best decisions I’ve made at University so far and I am super excited about the expedition and the adventures to be had.”

The quiz starts at 7.30pm with entry at £4 for students and £5 for non-students. There are many prizes are on offer throughout the night including; Dusk VIP entry, Napizza vouchers, Nando’s Vouchers and many more.

If you want more information about the charity or joining the society please get in touch with its president, Jenny Brass – jeb00046@students.stir.ac.uk.

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