GSOC game fast for Child’s Play


Credit: GSOC

Forty-five games in twenty-four hours is child’s play for GSOC. Stirling’s Video Game and E-Sports society (GSOC) held a speedrun on March 10 as a fundraiser for the charity Child’s Play.

The aim of a speedrun is simple: Complete a game in much less time than a proper playthrough would take. GSOC took inspiration for the event from Awesome Games Done Quick, which is a bi-annual video game marathon held in the United States raising money for numerous charities.

GSOC chose to fundraise for the charity Child’s Play, that donates toys and games to children’s hospitals all over the world. The charity is seen as a way to refute mainstream media’s negative perception of gamers.

GSCO event picture

Credit: Ross Brannigan

The ‘Gotta Game Fast’ event had an array of various consoles set up inside the atrium. The event was a great achievement with the club completing 45 different games and raising £115 in total. The club also hosted an awards ceremony on March 17 to say thank you to all involved.

GSOC are all about bringing gamers together and host a gaming night every week with several consoles set up, with games ranging from casual to hardcore, everyone’s welcome whatever their taste.

Aside from the weekly events they also host socials, tournaments and online multiplayer sessions. For those interested, GSOC have several ways people can interact with them ranging from their Facebook page to their own Discord server, which provides a chatroom and free voice calls.


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